Your life will be barely recognizable once our work is done. I have a proven method that has helped hundreds of women transform their lives. Together, you and I will do the hard work to uncover the crux of your pain, and as a result, your well-heeled façade will become a well-healed reality. 

Abuse and trauma change the tapestry and the hardwiring of our essence, which leaves us feeling broken and empty. When you have decided that you’ve suffered enough and you are ready to say YES to:

  • making hard CHOICES

  • taking bodacious CHANCES

  • enjoying enchanted CHANGES

… then, and only then, are you ready to embark on the journey to your best life!

MY services are for you if:

·       You’ve lived your life running from pain and believe that success is your way out.

·       You talk big and walk small, and you’re tired of seeing that impact your bottom line.

·       You’re a high-achieving woman who has experienced sexual abuse/assault or domestic abuse at some time in your past.

·       You have pain (regardless of its source) from yesterday that continues to creep into your today.

·       You’re carrying extra weight that is connected to something deeper than last night’s chocolate cake.

·       You fear that addressing your stuff will cause you to fall apart. 

MY services are not for you if:

·       You are ok with your future looking just like today.

·       You have never felt like a success in any area of your life.

·       You are currently in a domestic violence situation. (If you are, here’s a help number where you can get some support: 800-33HAVEN.)

·       You are not ready to invest financially—and otherwise— in being the best you.

·       You are not willing to let go of your persona in order to discover your authentic self.

·       You believe that 100% of your challenges in life are someone else’s fault.


I have created a range of offerings so whatever your situation, you can find a good fit for you. 

This work is not easy or pretty. You must be prepared to roll up your sleeves and get to work. I believe in you. You wouldn’t be reading this right now if you didn’t have it in you. The Universe lead you here so that you could get the breakthrough you needed to live the life you want. And I am here to help you create that new life!


If you see a program that looks amazing but you know that it will strain or break your budget, please choose another offering. Coaching is like yoga, it should stretch you but never hurt!  Pain is the Universe’s way of sending a message to stop and make a different choice.  I offer many options so that you can find the service that’s right for you right now.


"Socially paralyzed and emotionally insecure would accurately describe who I was prior to meeting with the life coach who became my dear friend, Heidi. Because of her transparency, empathy and sincere connection, I was able to start the process of trust and healing.  The seeds she has planted in my life grow more valuable with every passing year."

-Jameka P.

"In coaching, Heidi explains in detail the patterns and mindset that results from traumatic experiences.  A lot of people don’t understand “WHY” they are doing what they are doing.  Heidi’s insight allows them to see their “WHY” from a fresh and healthy perspective with some directions to make change a reality." 

-Sonia S.

Will accept applications starting Dec. 2019

Will accept applications starting Dec. 2019