I'm thrilled that you made it here! I've created this space with you in mind.  I know you are tired because I've been there too...

  • tired of unsuccessfully trying to  outperform your pain
  • tired of trying to cover up
  • tired of feeling inadequate

I get it... I've been there.  And what I know for sure is the Universe brought you here so that you can finally heal!  But before we get all deep and shit--  Let me introduce myself so you can learn a little more about me. 


At my core, I’m a deeply intuitive, inspirational, and creative guide. The joy in my life comes from helping people and organizations THRIVE! If you feel lost or stuck, let’s chat. I am gifted at helping you determine where you want to go and co-designing a transformative action plan to ensure you get there.

As a COACH, I become your person!

High achieving women that work with me learn to integrate their success from the inside out so that they can soar in every facet of life. In short, I help women who seem to have it all together REALLY get it all together!

As a SPEAKER, I will ignite your group and create synergistic connections so that change is all but inevitable.

As a FACILITATOR, I create custom experiences that enhance learning, increase individual buy-in, and expedite progress.  

  • I’m an ENFP – the Idealistic Champion.
  • On the Enneagram, I’m a Two – Helper (with a Three – Achiever – wing).


  • I’m a Libran
  • I’m naturally curious, an Idea-preneur, and a zany, striving to be organized, messy, hopeful, intuitive, rebellious, optimistic, creative, impatient human.
  • I exist to bring love and light —and a touch of whimsy— whereeverwherever I go!

I am tree-hugging, crunchy mama in my mind and in practice…

most of the time.

Well, OKAY, okay, some of the time.

I love the life I’ve created with my Mr. Wonderful, our 3 angels, and our dog. It’s not perfect, but it is perfectly suited for us.

Love, kindness, and respect is my religion.

I’ve never met a stranger, and I look forward to meeting you!

I believe that in the absence of integrity, we have nothing.

As a child, I wanted to birth babies. As an adult, I learned that my gift was creating rebirths!

I believe that thoughts become things, so we should choose them wisely.

What’s the purpose of having the damn cake if I can’t eat it??!!