You want to feel whole, authentic, and free but you just can't figure out how to make that happen on your own. I help women who seemingly have it all together REALLY get it all together. Together we identify the source of your core trauma and create a healing action plan that uses past hurts as the catalyst for a brilliant future. 

Finally you'll know WHY!  Why you chose him or why he didn't choose you. Why you landed in this career and not that one...  In this proprietary program you'll uncover the secret compass that has been guiding every decision of your life up to now.  You'll uncover how you got here and find the key to making sustainable change so you can heal and consciously choose the life you want.  Using my specially designed Trauma to Transformation Process, we'll get to the "white meat" of your hurt and create an action plan for moving you forward.


  • After your payment is processed, you’ll receive an email questionnaire for you to complete before our call.
  • Once I receive your completed questionnaire, I’ll analyze your responses to prepare for our time together.
  • Together, we will do a deep dive into your personalized Trauma To Transformation Process (Not to exceed 4hrs).
  • Within 7 days, we will have a 45-minute debriefing session (trust me, you will need this!) to process your feelings.



• Pre-session questionnaire
• One Personalized Trauma To Transformation Process
• One 45-minute debreifing session



• A password protected client page with a recording of our session along with notes and tasks for you
• Free access to my client portal for accountability, additional support, and personal coaching.
• A gift certificate for a family member or friend valued at $100 for any program offering. *Good for up to 12 months after your last session

Value: $800


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