Hi, I’m Heidi Welcome to the Well-Healed Tribe!

I’m thrilled that you are here. This is a unique community where explanations are not necessary, where you can connect with kindred sisters that simply "get you" because quite honestly, their story is not much different than your own.  No Masks... No Pretense... Just a group of BadAss women getting their shit together for once and for all!! 

 I created this space with you in mind. If there is anything I can do to better serve you, please reach out to me in the community. 



Member Plans

We’ve created two distinctive plan to match the very individualized needs of a variety of people.  We get that you may be using the Tribe much like the retainer that your Orthodontist gave you one your braces were finally off (2 years and 4 months is long time at 13yo!), as a mechanism to keep you from shifting back into your old patterns.  Or perhaps, you are just dipping your toes into the emotional healing and personal development waters to see if this thing will work for you.  Regardless of what you motivation is, we are just tickled pink that you made the choice to do SOMETHING!

Here’s a breakdown of our 2 Member Plans: 

Member Plan 1 – Awareness $27 per month

  • Monthly Themed Care packages
  • Personal Healing Exercises
  • LIVE Well-Healed Warrior Masterclass (w/ Q&A)
  • Affirmation Printable
  • Yoga Pose Instructional Video
  • Theme Song
  • Monthly Challenge
  • Online Community
  • Suprises, goodies and other things to make your heart smile :)

Member Plan 2 – Restoration $97 per month

  • All the features of Member Plan 1 PLUS
  • Individual Laser Coaching Call
  • Recording of the call
  • Access to the Well-Healed Client Portal (our secret sauce of eAccountability) where you can:
  • Track goals
  • Monitor progress through custom designed metrics
  • Create Task list, Action Plan and much MORE!
  • Communicate directly with Heidi in between sessions