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  • Smile and mean it,

  • Feel as good as you look,

  • Stop trying to "out success" your pain.


Sorry Sunshine, another degree, a bigger house, or a larger paying contract isn't going to fix it or fill the holes. But, together we can do the work to give you the results you desperately desire!

Feeling lost or uncertain? You can't go wrong with one of these options:

From your high thread-count sheets to your impressive resume, everything about you screams success. Others look at you and marvel at how you have things so together—but what they see is a carefully crafted persona you’ve created to protect the wounds and inadequacies you feel every day.


After all these years, the scars from past experiences with domestic violence or sexual assault feel as fresh as ever. No part of your life is unscathed from the contamination that you try so meticulously to hide.

You feel broken. Tired.  Just about ready to give up.
And, you sure as hell are ready to stop feeling this way.

The truth is shit happens, but marching through the sewer with stilettos and a smile doesn’t change a damn thing.  You need to deal with the pain and fear that leaves you feeling empty and fragmented so that you can become Better Not Bitter—and I can help you every step of the way. No matter the origin of your pain, from domestic abuse or molestation to abandonment or death, I am here to help you transform your well-heeled façade to a well-healed reality.