Wouldn’t it be amazing to have a safe, supportive, resource-rich, and fun community of women like you?

  • You know, women who share similar backgrounds and experiences so that explanations aren’t necessary.
  • Women who, like you, have the trimmings of success, but are covering up the scars caused by some of society’s dirtiest little secrets.
  • What could you accomplish if you had a tribe of warriors standing with you and around you—and even carrying you when needed?  


That thing flapping in the wind behind you is NOT your Wonder Woman cape— in fact it just might be toilet paper trailing from the shit you’ve tried to ignore.

You’ve tried so diligently to be successful enough, smart enough, or just simply enough in order to diminish the hole in your heart, but somehow you keep coming up short. If this sounds like you, I’d like to invite you to become a member of a new online tribe—a Sister Circle—that’s full of a new movement of women who are taking their lives back from the hold that abuse and trauma has had over them.


We believe:

  • That marching through the sewers of your life with stilettos and smile won’t fix a damn thang.

  • Complete healing is possible even in the darkest situations.

  • Patterns and pathologies can be broken, and you can be better because of them

  • Life is happening TO us, not FOR us

  • Nothing changes until WE do

Our Goals ARE to:

  • Help you discover your core trauma
  • Replace false truths that sabotage your healing process
  • Create a sense of total gratitude
  • Develop a joy blueprint


Well-Healed Tribe access includes: 

  • An online, password-protected journal
  • Provocative exercises that will make you rethink everything
  • Accountability
  • Guest Expert Warriors
  • Monthly themes
  • Playlists – ‘cause everything is better with music!
  • Prizes and giveaways – who doesn’t want a nice goodie bag?
  • Scavenger hunts and challenges – because we all learn differently



Let’s start by changing your mindset.  Get this FREE 30 MINUTE AUDIO with me and bestselling author Lisa Nichols, an honorary Well-Healed Warrior as she shares how she transformed her life in the aftermath of domestic violence and sexual abuse.

This interview is EVERYTHING!!