The Well-Healed Tribe in an online community for high achieving BadAss women who want to heal so that they can feel as good as they look. 

Welcome to the Tribe Sunshine! Whether you are just beginning your healing journey or continuing it, this ban of women understands who you are and we are eager to support you along your path. 

The Lowdown on the Goodies

  1.      Well-Healed Care Package -  As a Well-Healed Tribe member, you are granted access to a monthly workbook, a LIVE Masterclass based on the topic of the month corresponding challenges, resources, printables, desktop screen savers, and more.  

    The Bundle is literally a toolkit to get your energy going, and thoughts wrapped around a specific topic. You can opt to jump into the workbook immediately or at your own pace. All bundles and masterclasses are archived for your benefit. Rewind, go back, reflect, or whatever steps are necessary for you to digest the information accordingly. I’m not going to lie to you… this process IS NOT EASY, but it is the best most rewarding work you’ll ever do! 
  2.      Well-Healed Masterclass - Each month we have a masterclass guided by an expert in the personal development industry. Our Well-Healed Warriors are Nationally Acclaimed and come with years of experience and notoriety.  Many of them have stories very similar to your own.  We encourage you to place any questions that you would like to have answered in our private forum. 
  3.      The Tribe -  Nobody but nobody wants to go it alone.  You have no idea how comforting it is going to be in a circle where there is no explanation necessary because you are going to be among kindred spirits who “get it.” You’ll have full access to begin asking questions, offering advice or tips that have worked for you, celebrating your large and small successes, or making us aware if you need additional TLC. Use it up, the community belongs to you.  Jump in- The water feels great! 

Now that we have our getting started tutorial out of the way, venture off to explore the Community. This is such an exciting time for you.  Mark this day on your calendar, perhaps it will become like a second birthday. Any excuse to eat cake will do!  Many of our members and clients have felt an immeasurable since of relief, and empowerment just at . Take care of yourself by vowing to connect on purpose to your finances. Prepare to move your needle by taking action.


At the core of the Tribe is our commitment to serve you consistently with the unbridled love, compassion and consistency.  We’ve been where you are and we’ve blazed a trail for you to move forward.  We are here to guide, inspire, motivate, and drive you to take action. Research tells us that 9 out of 10 people fail when trying to make life saving changes.  That’s only a 10% success rate!  If you’ve tried and failed before know that we’re here to debunk those numbers. Whether you have a safe place to vent, navigational support for stick situations, feedback, guidance, or a celebration partner we’re here.
Please make use of the password protected online Well-Healed community it was created with your privacy in mind. 

So What Do I Do Next-- You Ask?

1.    JOIN THE PRIVATE COMMUNITY NOW - We have a Private Forum designed with you in mind. Head over to the forum and dive in, 

2.     USERNAME AND PASSWORD - Please keep your username and password near for access to all the goodies, workbooks, monthly challenges, printables, and details on the monthly masterclasses. There will be a few months that we have more                                                                                                                                                                        
3.    JUMP IN AND GET BUSY – Your healing is THE most important thing in your life. You are center from which everything else flows. You’ve made this step, now honor it and get buy.   Everything you want is on the other side of the decision to DO YOUR WORK.  I can’t wait to see the you that you will become. 

I’ll see you inside!!